"Makeup was the one thing that made me feel whole."


My name is Amber, I am an Asian-American beauty influencer and mental health advocate from Minneapolis. Welcome to my personal blog! This site is all about beauty, fashion, and self-care. I really want you guys to get to know the real me. It is important to me that I share with you how I really got into beauty.

Years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I had slowly lost all interest in everything I once loved to do. It was an extremely painful time for me and something that at times caused me to feel lonely and ashamed for, but I eventually decided to seek help. Long story short - I am currently being treated. It is well known that this type of thing can't be fully cured, but rather can be made bearable with various methods. I'd started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and it peaked my curiosity. I never really cared for the full-face look, and I had no knowledge of anything makeup-related, but I'd decided I really wanted to delve into it. Here I am today with a gigantic collection of makeup and about a million and two selfies to go with it. Makeup was the one thing that made me feel whole in that time of sadness, and to this day it still calms my nerves and takes me to a place of creativity and peace.

It's not even the way I look with makeup on that makes me happy. It's the process. It is so fun to mix colors, add shadows, manipulate your face into something totally different. It is soothing to me. You absolutely do not need makeup to be beautiful, it just happens to be one of my favorite pass-times.

Enjoy the blog, my loves -- xoxo